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    [RC] Quality of Life - Paddi

    Very well put Roy.
    It is very easy to pass judgment on the food industry.
    If you do not go and get educated first hand do not pass judgment.
    It is far to easy to be an armchair critic.
    What one person sees as abuse another is fine with.
    I have close friends who think endurance riding is cruel. They also think keeping a horse in a 12 X 12 stall 23 hours a day under blanket is being nice.
    It is all in the perception of the person. I had the SPCA called years ago at one stable because my horse was so thin. He was fit not thin but compared to the hot house tomatoes living in the barn he looked thin.
    We only had 2 sows on the farm when I was a kid and come time to have a litter they were confined to a small area, real small. They laid on the piglets and squished them if they were not kept in a small area. As kids we never felt sorry for the pig in her small pen , we were sure upset finding flat babies or injured babies . We always had one in the porch that got stepped on that was hand raised.

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