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    Re: [RC] scratches... deer hunting - Linda

        I've used the diluted bleach solution with great results on rain rot.  But when I have problems getting rid of scratches I use Monistat (yes, womens product).  Anyone that has a dog that looses the hair on the top of the nose in the winter (snow nose) can also use this product... because that is also a fungal infection.
        We had an endurance horse shot here in East Tennessee last fall.   The horse was shot in the rump while the rider was on it.  From the coversation I had with her... the horse was eventually ok, but the local game warden wasn't very concerned or helpfull.    Maybe someone else can fill in the details on this one.       I've considered packing my portable tape player with speaker for noise... but the bells "sound" like a better idea.  No batteries necessary and it's a great time to find sleigh bells for sale!   I will just be accused of being decorated for the season, which isn't unusual.   Our group has a little Halloween ride (complete with costumes and handing out candy to anyone we pass on the trail) and on the Fourth of July I passed out little flags for everyone to wave when we passed others.