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    [RC] Bow hunters - C. Eyler

    The only time you need to worry about bow hunters is when it's very cold, when some of them (I said "some") are drinking because they stupidly think it will help keep them warm.
    (who wears neon orange, and who's horse wears neon orange and BIG sleigh bells, during hunting season -- and who is lucky to have good trails where only bow hunting is allowed)
    Just a note, one usually doesn't have much to worry about from bow hunters.
    Bow hunting takes a great deal of skill and time, plus they gotta get close
    to what they are shooting at. Although I do know of at least one person on a
    grey horse who was shot at with an arrow -- yeah, I kinda think that was on

    Neon and bells, that's the ticket. Or at least a start.

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