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    [RC] Sheepskin pads/cushioning - Lysane Cree


    I recently bought a sheepskin pad from Aussie Enduro - it provides a lot of cushioning and keeps my horse's back dry and cool. It is thick though so I would definitely remove it at pulse/vet checks. It is machine washable and you can put it in the drier too and it does not shrink. They have different types, so you probably could find one for your horse - I bought the Athlete Plus. It is a little long, so probably you should try the Athlete. They have for dressage, endurance, Australian saddles, etc.  Mine occasionally slips - on rides at home it has not slipped, but when I went to my first ctr, it did slip about mid-way through the ride. BUt then I also was able to tighten the girth to a hole I had never been able to reach at home, so my horse probably did lose a little weight (is that possible on a slow 25 miler if she is drinking and eating fairly well??).  You can order the pad with ties, which I didn't think of doing at the time (duh!), so now I think I will try to get someone to sew some on. The kind that have vel cro on the ends and come around each side of the saddle and you can velcro together under the flaps. They hold the pad well.


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