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    Fwd: Re(2): [RC] Fwd: Hunter mistakes girl's horse for a deer - Cindy Collins

    kiwana@xxxxxxxxx writes:
    >If any of you know hunters out there....  please be sure to tell them
    >that they better get the "owner" of said horse also as I am one who will
    >FIRE BACK!  This sort of thing makes me sick to say the least....  I
    >carry a weapon during hunting season and will not hesitate to return
    >fire...  so, they better get me with the first bullet, 'cause the horse
    >won't fire back....
    >Vickie Smith
    >in the backwoods of Vermont
    Obviously and sadly, you still seem to think of this pathetic man as a
    hunter.  I am sorry that you did not get anything from my post.  I, too,
    would fire back at anyone who shot at me and my horse, but I would never
    assume that anyone who "shoots at something moving" is a hunter...just an
    irresponsible, law breaker who needs consequences asap.  CC
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