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    Re: [RC] [RC] Fungus Among Us - Deanna German

    >I could use some advice about what to do at this point.  I've done all of the
    > things mentioned except shave.
    I had a bout with rain rot this summer -- it occured under my horse's mane
    and on her belly (right in the girth area, of course!) from the excessively
    hot and humid conditions. Basically, she never dried under there for days on
    end and so she got rain rot.
    I tried Betadine for a week or two. Didn't do squat. What worked was Healing
    Tree T-zon and clipping the area so that air could get to the skin. T-zon
    has tea tree oil in it, which is very drying, so the infected area got very
    wrinkly and scaly once the scabs were gone. At that point, I just worked on
    keeping it clipped, dry and clean and slacked off a bit on the T-Zon
    applications. The skin healed quickly once I hit upon the magic combination
    of clipping, cleaning (with regular horse shampoo) and T-Zon. The T-Zon has
    hydracortizone in it which kills the pain a bit. For as big of an area as
    you have, I might consider using the Tea-Clenz in a spray bottle and maybe
    put a teensy bit of mineral oil in it so it's not so drying. And, no I have
    no connection to this company, I just think their products work great.
    But, yeah, I do think that clipping is an important part of treatment. I
    clip pasterns to prevent mud fever too.
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