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    [RC] Fungus Among Us - Stephanie_D_Adair

    Well thanks for the sympathy ya'll.  I could use some advice about what to
    do at this point.  I've done all of the things mentioned except shave.
    Shaving his legs wouldn't have helped I don't think, that's the last place
    it spread to, 3 weeks into the infection.  It started on his back and
    croup.  Mind you it rained for 3 weeks, HARD.  I had to pass up the
    Armadillo ride in October.  Week one, rain-rot on his back, week two up his
    neck and down his flanks and hamstring area, week three down his legs,
    mostly on his cannon bones.  First used Micro-tech, what made me think I
    could get off that easily?  Betadine bath couple times, Novalsan bath once,
    he's soooooo painful across his back.  Scrub, scrape, bleed, he's hollowing
    out his back and looking at me as if I'm the Anti-Christ.  5 days of
    penicillin b.i.d., another betadine bath.  The only place he's seriously
    bad at is his back and croup, it's thick, lumpy, crusty; clearing up
    everywhere else.  Should I just shave it all off?  Poor guy just got all
    his nice new winter coat, and I know his hair is going to fall off anyway.
    So just shave it?
    I purchased this horse from a very good friend and I've always wanted to
    own him.  In all my years of horse ownership, I've since learned to never
    buy a horse named "Lightning", "Bullet", "Pistol", "Rocket", I'm just not
    that gung ho.  I like a nice enjoyable ride, relaxed.  But I never thought
    twice before that this horses name being "Doctor" could cause a problem.
    Because I'm now doctoring his a** all the time!
    Stephanie and Doc
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