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    RE: [RC] Pull questionnaire? - Lucy Chaplin Trumbull

    > Looks good, sounds good but realize we cannot get accurate
    > information from the rides that has only three possibilities,
    > lame, metabolic or RO.

    Right now pulls are classed:


    (oh, and the obvious "OT"... and there is no classification
    for "Horse died during the ride").

    What other reasons for pulling are there?

    Obviously there should be more - I just don't know enough
    to know what else there should be. It needs fleshing out.

    Maybe before that, the vet committee needs to decide what
    they need to know. Is this general data gathering, or do
    they want to pinpoint something more specific?

    If it's for educational purposes, how will the data help
    a rider?

    I was trying to think how I could have been educated better
    to avoid having Mouse have her tendon injury. In retrospect
    I can see where I went wrong, but how could I have been
    headed off? Experience would have helped, but you have
    to experience something to get it :)

    > What makes you believe your form would be filled out accurately?

    It probably wouldn't in all cases. But by the looks
    of things the pull codes aren't always accurate either.
    And it sounds like in many cases, they are so vague as
    not to be useful.

    And not every rider would take the time to do it, but as
    I say, if it was well publicized and people were actively
    encouraged to do it (RM could follow up with email reminder,
    AERC could follow up with email reminder, the vet could
    give the pullee a slip of paper with the URL to the
    questionnaire, etc), it might help.

    In terms of being an education tool, maybe the data could
    be accessible (anonymous as to the identity of the rider/horse)
    to the general public?

    I don't know, but at least this would give a start to
    identifying more specifics about "why a pull happens".

    In many cases, you might not know why a lameness or metabolic
    thingy occurs. You might guess, as I did at a ride back in
    August that it was a shoeing problem, but it turned out later
    to be a tendon injury.

    Perhaps there should be a field for "Have you been pulled
    with this problem before but thought it was something else?".

    Like I say, it needs to be detailed enough to get some
    useful and specific info, but not so detailed that the
    database designer can't keep up - or that the data analyzers
    can't wade through it all.

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    Lucy Chaplin Trumbull
    elsie AT foothill DOT net
    Repotted english person in Sierra Foothills, California
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