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    [RC] [Guest] IAHA Championship - Ridecamp Guest

    Susan Schomburg sschom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    I looked for the broadcast 2x at what were the published times for the
    mountain time sone but never found it but since I was AT THE FINISH LINE of
    the IAHA championship ride in Montana and watched the horses finish I felt
    compelled to respond to all the comments. Heather's horse, Red,  looked
    absolutely incredible as he crossed the finish line. It was one of those
    moments in endurance riding where you get a lump in your throat watching
    such an incredible horse do such an incredible thing! But more importantly,
    when he was finished, he stood at his tent and ate and drank and revelled in
    all the attention. There is NO WAY this horse looked exhausted. Cia's horse
    looked almost as good. Valerie's horse looked a little tired (the reason no
    doubt she slowed down and didn't challenge Heather for the win.) but
    certainly not exhausted and he was eating and drinking  and looking around
    back at camp after the ride was over. I don't know what the video portrayed
    since I couldn't get it but if it showed anything other than three
    outstanding equine athletes and riders then it was not an accurate
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