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    RE: [RC] RO, Fit to continue, pulls are negative - Tom Dean



    You are right, it should be enough just have a good time.  But it is not.  If you think about it, the message in endurance is “to complete”.  It starts with an AERC message “To finish is to win”.  In our region there are 5 awards based upon consecutive completions, if you are pulled you go back to zero.  There are no awards based upon good horsemanship.  The message is strong to new riders coming into the sport.  Completion, completion, completion.  AERC puts out bumper stickers that say “To finish is to win”, they do not put out stickers that say it is ok to pull.


    If as an organization you promote completions as success, then it is only logical to believe that getting pulled is a failure.  In my opinion, a RO, FTC, (Ride Option, Fit to Continue) option would lessen the negativity attached to voluntary pulls on horses that are “fit to continue”.


    I happen to think if you got a RO pull for I know my horses, and this wasn't a day to make it work for 50 miles with that horse that day. “   that is great.  That is what I have been pushing for.   Up here that would not have been a RO, but a metabolic since it was horse, not rider related.  You made my point.  Thanks.




    P.S. My wife had exactly the same happen to her, it was totally voluntary, the horse was fit to continue, and she was given a Metabolic Pull.


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    A rider/horse should rewarded for making
    the right decision, not punished for having a pull and less horses would be
    put in danger.


    I was just talking about this overall attidude with a young rider.  Why do others feel to be pressured into completing a ride? It's because of other riders watching, talking and gossiping about the pull.
           So what if you have to pull or find out your horse is off a little when it cools down at a vet check.  PULL IT and be happy about taking good care of your horse.  I just did a RO yesterday at the Coso ride.  Never made it to a vet check. I just turned around and called it a day.  I know my horses, and this wasn't a day to make it work for 50 miles with that horse that day.  If your going to do a lot of miles, guess what?  Not all days can be good days, and that's a fact.  Ride and have a good time.
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