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    Re: [RC] RO, Fit to continue - SandyDSA

    In a message dated 11/11/2002 10:17:02 AM Pacific Standard Time, Trailrite@xxxxxxx writes:

    So what if you have to pull or find out your horse is off a little when it cools down at a vet check.  PULL IT and be happy about taking good care of your horse.  I just did a RO yesterday at the Coso ride.  Never made it to a vet check. I just turned around and called it a day.  I know my horses, and this wasn't a day to make it work for 50 miles with that horse that day.  If your going to do a lot of miles, guess what?  Not all days can be good days, and that's a fact.  Ride and have a good time.

    Amen to all of that, Tammy! Common sense in the least should come into play and often don't. I like that way of thinking.