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    Re: [RC] Horse/Rider History Books re: PULL CODES - Jim Holland

    I think therin lies the problem. Seems to be a basic thread here....lack
    of information and a failure to communcate with the membership.
    Hmmm...where have we heard this before? IMHO, a campaign soliciting the
    support of the membership to collect meaningful data for the purpose of
    improving the welfare of our horses would have more resulted in more
    accurate results and less controversy. Seems that many folks think pull
    codes are for "evaluating" individual horses and riders at a given
    ride(s)....and I can certainly understand their point of view. 
    If the members...and the AERC BoD...continue to be "secretive" about
    information that impacts the welfare of the horse and the future of our
    discipline...you're right...maybe we need to pack it in. Perhaps these
    individuals who are being "secretive" have something to hide? As in the
    Enron debacle, they better get over it....or it's gonna jump up and bite
    all of us in the butt one day. JMO.
    Perhaps log books ARE the solution....I like Truman's idea. How about a
    "pilot" program for a year with a group of riders in each
    Region...perhaps volunteers, combined with a big publicity program? I
    would be happy to participate....anybody else?
    Question: Anybody know how I can get one of the Logbooks the Aussies
    use? Who would I contact?
    Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic
    Bob Morris wrote:
    > Jim:
    > Unbeknownst to the membership of the AERC, there have been
    > many hundreds of hours devoted to the problem of acquiring
    > and dissemination data about endurance riding. Our greatest
    > problem has been the validity of the data the membership
    > supplies us with.
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    RE: [RC] Horse/Rider History Books re: PULL CODES, Bob Morris