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    Re: [RC] Horse/Rider History Books re: PULL CODES - Truman Prevatt

    Many people keep informal log books - in the form of vet cards. Many people include their own notes on the cards. I'll be starting a new horse soon and while I don't keep my current horse's cards - I know him better than he knows himself - I don't know the new guy and saving and analyzing the vet cards is a way to get to know him better.

    Most newbee's keep their vet cards. So to some extent there is an informal log book system in effect. Does it need to be formal - maybe yes maybe no. Should it be required for new riders and/or new horses?  Would it help new riders learn their horses better, probably. Would it make the sport safer for our horses, maybe. Would it be a good education tool for new riders, I think so - and after all one of the main charters of  the AERC is education.

    Would it be a good idea to try a new rider log book experiment to determine the benifits vs. cost, I think so - what does anyone else think?:


    Ed and Wendy Hauser wrote:
    I feel that I have always been lucky that at most of my rides here in the Mid-west the vet knows my horse. When the vet knows the horse and has seen him many times, he/she can be much more help.  This showed up at one ride this year where another riders horse (that has over 3000 miles) passed criteria, but was not recovering like he should have, when judged against the way he usually recovered.  The horse was held extra time and eventually the mild gas colic was diagnosed.  He recovered with no treatment and was competing again in 2 weeks.  A log book could have served much the same function.
    I have very mixed feelings about the possibility of introducing log books, but that mdiscussion may be for another time.
    Ed and Wendy Hauser
    1140 37th Street
    Hudson, WI 54016

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