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    Re: [RC] RO/Newbie perspective - Jon . Linderman

    Perhaps it is adviseable to have a RO/HF pull code.  Rider Option/Husband's
    Fault.  This catch-all term could be useful is so many instances.  For
    example, when the husband is the rider and either he or his horse can't
    continue the wife/life mate/significant other/could use the RO/HF to save
    some dignity, or when hubbie is the crew and screws up: forgetting beet
    pulp, electrolytes, clothing, etc., anyopne being crewed for by the husband
    could use the RO/HF if appropriate.  I could have used a RO/HF last year in
    my horse's first year when I let him go too hard and it was not wise for
    him to continue.  Since I as the husband was riding, and did that job
    poorly I might add, the horse should be given the benefit of the doubt with
    a RO/HF.  In fact, I am not sure if there aren't many many other uses for
    RO/HF.  I know both my present and ex-wife use the term liberally on a
    regular basis.
    Jon K. Linderman
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