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    RE: [RC] ridecamp - Linda Cowles

    Yes, Sandy, horses have jobs. Don't be silly. Even if it's just to be an expensive pet and entertain the owner, a horse has got a job and if they aren't good at it, they risk losing it. And yes, horses are very cognizant of their status in the herd... they understand being demoted and replaced, and it feels threatening to them.
    It sure sounds like a lot of folks disagree with your assessment that these front runners in the IAHA ride are over riding their horses, including the vets at the ride... I'm sure they're qualified.  I haven't seen the video, but your opinion on one side and the opinions of many vet and riders I respect on the other side? 
    I don't condone over riding a horse. I'm a moderate, uncompetitive rider but Gavilan's a good enough horse that I can top ten on occasion without pushing him at all. I do support riding a horse the way Heather rides Red, because she wouldn't ask too much of him, for emotional as well as ethical reasons. I'd let Heather ride Gavilan in a ride, and there are VERY few people that I'd let do that. Definitely Julie Suhr and Maryben. Gavilan's not my horse, he's my partner, my soul mate. I feel that way about all of my horses...
    Most of us grow to love our horses, Sandy, but when we buy our horses we buy them because the have the ability to become a part of our life. People who ride endurance buy endurance caliber horses, but if those horses don't like endurance and the rider is determined to do it, sometimes the horse gets sold. This happens even in Montana, right? Sometimes those horses are good at loafing and balk at any sort of riding, they won't do ANY job, and yes, sometimes they end up in bad homes or meat auctions. If that's unpleasant for you to contemplate...  life is not always what we'd like.
    Sometimes bad things happen to great horses even when we try and protect them. stay tuned to for the sequel.
    Linda Cowles
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    Running is their JOB? They CHOOSE to keep going...because they understand that it is how they earn their position in the community????? Wow...and what kind of LEADERS are we...???? Because these world class horses will follow us anywhere....does that give us the right to push them to their absolute limits...because it is their JOB and we are their LEADERS?  If my horse (friend, partner) falters because of my lack of ethical leadership...I am embarrassed and ashamed in the eyes of my horse...ask his forgiveness and try to do better by him next time.
    "They have to uphold their part of the deal or all bets are off"?? And our part of the deal is only to make sure they are well cared for when not competing??...What is our "part of the deal" when we are riding them??...competing via their "wings" for our own ego gratification?  Their wings are no good to us if our egos, and lack of compassion cause the sky to be taken away (that is a quote from somewhere)
    I too am out of here..this is not a "community" of which I wish to be a part.
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    Horses CAN choose not to run, but these horses choose to keep going. They
    understand that running is their job, how they earn their position in the
    community. It's their job, for gods sake. Some of you may not understand
    that, but somehow these horses do. Horses understand the stark reality of
    life better than we do because of their awareness of the constant presence
    of unseen predators. They understand that we're the leaders who

    ...... geez it keep going  "seen pedators" are  Man.
    "choose to keep going "  No choice  in the hand of the rider.  yes they do get well taken care of  but i dont think many know how to ride them.
    i sorry to write  you but im just getting this out  and  ill have to stop reading ridecamp like most of my friends got rid of it  it got too much stupidity.  now should we bring back Cliify Lewis?        se

    Re: [RC] ridecamp, Sandy Bolinger