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    Re: [RC] Pull Codes Defined - Heidi Smith

    > Where are the pull codes defined? Is there a section in the rules or one
    > of the handbooks on the AERC website? I scanned them, but didn't find
    > anything and just wondering if I'm looking in the correct location.
    The ride veterinarians are SUPPOSED to have instructions about how to use
    the pull codes, since they are the ones responsible for assigning them.  One
    of the biggest breakdowns in the system is educating ride vets about why
    they are used and how to properly assign them.  Since the original intent of
    the system was to have information gathered by ride veterinarians for the
    veterinary committee, I'm not sure that the application and explanation was
    ever disseminated through other sources.  Too bad, as ride veterinarians
    have not been equally diligent in getting their paperwork done, or in
    understanding what the paperwork is for.
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    [RC] Pull Codes Defined, AprJhn