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    RE: [RC] Sharing Expenses - Val Nicoson

    Additional inputs regarding sharing expenses:  My
    friend often trailers me and my horse to various
    training rides and such.  She lives only a few miles
    from where my horse is stabled and if she has room is
    happy to do the hauling.  
    Yes, I have my own rag-tag truck/trailer but we often
    ride together so if there's room (occasionally we take
    another individual) we usually haul together and share
    expenses.  If there is no room I have no objection in
    hauling my own horse.  
    As the one being picked up I usually try to pay for
    gas (either on the way to or from a ride...which
    involves filling her tank) and/or offering to buy
    lunch for her and her daughter. 
    Since my mare has been recovering from a stifle sprain
    she has allowed me to ride her horse while she's doing
    training rides on her younger horse.  She gets the
    opportunity to see her primary horse in action and
    keeping him conditioned at the same time (allowing me
    to continue riding and staying in the saddle).  I
    still try to offer to pay for the gas if the drive is
    very far to any ride site and the last time we went
    together she suggested I just pay for her lunch rather
    than the gas. 
    Did go with her to Oak Leaf Run in Michigan to learn
    crewing duties.  Offered to pay for gas but she
    wouldn't let me as crewing was to be my part in
    contributing to the trip.  
    Believed it was frustrating for her as I was learning
    how to do things at a ride for the first time...things
    didn't go smoothly as she was mainly/solely
    responsible for most things, including her daughter,
    but learned some and hopefully will be of more help
    next time :-)  
    She did a RO pull and thus I did not have the
    opportunity to learn more as she wanted to get
    back home.  Am hoping future opportunities will
    present itself for further education on crewing for
    someone.  Must say though that the folks in camp were
    great...friend went out on the ride while it was still
    dark and upon first light having already loaded the
    truck to be prepared to drive to the VC discovered
    that her truck had a flat and didn't know where her
    spare was (if you're not familiar with one of those
    crank up spares hidden from view).  Fortunately
    someone was kind enough to get me with the gear out to
    the VC and another got me back to camp as my rider
    pulled before the VC).  Thanks to everyone who helped
    out with the transportation!  
    Normally I clean out my gear from her truck/trailer 
    and then go home.  Have offered to help her clean
    the trailer and such but she has her "own methods/
    ways" and prefers doing it herself.  We all have our
    own individual methods...especially since we're both
    in our late 40s.
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