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Current to Wed Jul 23 17:38:16 GMT 2003
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    [RC] OKAY...POST YOUR PICS!!!!!!!! - FASTGraphic

    I can't believe how many people sent me a GO on this!  LOL  So here 
    1. Log onto sendaframe.com
    2.  Log in using fastgraphic@xxxxxx as the name and Solitaire as the password.
    3.  Click on the Ridecampers! album.
    4. When you finish laughing at the pics I posted, click on add a photo and 
    add yours!  Make sure to include your name and enough of your E-mail address 
    so we know who you are!  LOL
    Now, I just clipped some headshots from some holiday snapshots last year, and 
    posted two REALLY bad shots of Ging and my horses.  I am going to take some 
    better shots of us actually ON the horses, LOL, and some shots of our trails 
    to post in a couple of days.....and I will delete and replace those I've 
    already put on as a kind of test.  PLEASE don't post too many pics - I don't 
    know how many can be put in the album!  :o)  If you want to post more than a 
    few, do 'em a few at a time and delete and replace!  PLEASE don't mess with 
    other's photos!  <veg>  You have the ability to do so, but PLEASE resist the 
    temptation?  :o)
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