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    [RC] Sharing expenses to rides - DeAnn Schnepple

    This is endurance related, but not horse related.  I wonder how other endurance riders handle sharing expenses to the rides.
    The reason I ask is this last year I answered a post from a women that had move from southern California and rode when she was a kid.  She posted on RC that she was boarding in the Beavercreek, Oregon area, but didn't know a thing about endurance or the trails system that her boarding facility was on.  She also didn't have a truck, trailer or camper.  I loaned her my heart rate monitor and even my saddle. She did have an Arabian horse, so she thought she wanted to try endurance.  Being the type of person I am (with 12 years of AERC membership, endurance riding, truck, camper and trailer), plus knowing the entire trail system in the Beavercreek area, I called her and showed her the trails and offered to haul her to two endurance rides.  The last ride was Alpine and she actually brought home a second horse, (the raffle horse), which I hauled in my trailer all the way back to Beavercreek.  My question is, do most people that share rides share the gas as well and when hauling an extra horse do they charge a hauling fee?  I didn't know this person that well and to my surprise when I got home from the last ride she had charged up over $25.00 in cell phone use on my phone (without asking).  I felt petty asking to be reimbursed for the cell phone charges, but I did, in a nice way.  To date she has not paid anything.  I'm also missing a nice HRM now too, but that's my mistake for being too trusting.  Is this typical when you "share" a trip to a ride?  The only thing I have to compare it to is true friends that I have hauled to rides.  Of course they always are extremely gracious and appreciative to have someone do all the driving and to be able to be in a nice warm camper.  All my other friends would always stay behind when we got home and even clean up the camper with me.  This one would just get her stuff and leave.  Maybe I'm being too picky, but I thought I'd just ask fellow ride campers how they handle these type of people.  Of course she will not be going with me anymore (I learned that lesson the hard way).   Thanks for your input.
    DeAnn #12874

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