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    Re: [RC] GPS Distance Accuracy with Hills (long) - Laurie Durgin

    Thanks goodness. I read it too and didn't seem likely I could impliment it that way exactly. That is why it is good to hear other peoples stories and how they do it. Especially ones with lots of miles.
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    From: Karen
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    It sounds like you've got it figured out, April. :-)

    Once you ride enough, you'll be able to get a good grasp of what your
    overall average speed is and how far you've gone based upon that
    knowledge.  I find it's usually best not to point out to people that they
    haven't gone as far (or as fast) as they think they have, they kinda get
    annoyed when you do that <g>.

    Happy Trails,

    in NV

    P.S.  and if you read the AERC riders handbook, you'll realize that it's
    probably not a good idea to try to follow the recommended MPH training
    schedule.  :>)  (btw, neither of my 5000 mile horses have yet met the first
    0-90 day training recommendations, I just can't seem to get it figured

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