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    Re: [RC] Bumper Sticker - Laurie Durgin

    Not Funny:0} My husband came home one day with that bumper sticker. I sort of got thinskinned about it in the next year. So I bought a shirt that says."I love Jesus, my horse and then it is between you and the dog". (of course I asked him if it offended him really, but that I needed to get back at him for the sticker.). Course my daughters horse gets the bucks too.Now my youngest son caught on and says  he hates horses(he knows it bugs me, and is doing it for attention, not like he doesn't see me since he is homeschooled!) and he could have more stuff  if we didn't have those darn horses. hhhmmmmppphhh. (I told him that I pay for them with my Nursery supervisor pay and sewing work.) Laurie and Rascal the money eater
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    From: Tamara Taylor
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    Subject: [RC] Bumper Sticker
    Hi Scott,

    I saw this bumper sticker for sale in the Apple Saddlery catalogue just this
    week. If you go to their website you can order a catalogue
    (www.applesaddlery.com) or call 1-800-TOP-TACK. They don't have this item
    online but you can get it out of the catalogue. Its on page 60 and the item
    number is 24553. The cost is $2.95 Canadian plus shipping. Very cute! Enjoy!

    > LOL  As a matter of fact, I am trying to find a copy of a bumper sticker
    > I
    > saw one which read, "DRIVER CARRIES NO CASH.  HE OWNS HORSES"
    > Scott

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