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    Re: [RC] Youth - Rides 2 Far

    > happy,
    > healthy well adjusted kids like Cliffy.
    This is the second time this year I guess that I've wanted to debate a
    very general rule and a lot of people want to debate *one* person. I
    really only have one real opinion about Cliffy. If a kid can do 100
    miles, he deserves to be called Cliff, or Cliff Jr., or JR, or "Tiger".  
    I really think the poor kid's earned the right to drop that "Y".
    Since your feel we should solve world population problems, stop forced
    child marriages in Pakistan, and take in foster children *before* we
    consider implementing rules on age in AERC rides.  Well...I guess we need
    to address the abuse of horses in Mongolia, the slaughterhouse industry,
    etc. etc. before we set the 64 BPM recover criteria. 
    Angie, (proud sponsor of Irene, my adopted child in Indonesia, through
    the Christian Children's Fund)
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