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    Re: [RC] Practicing for a sport you don't compete in - EgyptianMirage

    >>My son is almost three and a half, and all summer we've been practicing hitting balls off a homemade tee, or taking swings at balls I toss toward his bat.  He's improved dramatically, even though we do this according to a three year old's interest - 15 minutes today, nothing for a week, then 30 minutes each three days in a row.  He is thrilled and has lots of fun when we play, and could care less that he won't be "competing" for another year and a half at the earliest.  At that age, they want adult interaction, not competition.  His horse is a 17 year old Arab gelding, and he has never ridden alone, or far.  I walk beside his horse's head, because his legs aren't long enough to stabilize him if the horse even turns quickly.  We go about a mile.  Hopefully next year I'll be able to ride with him, but my horse is not trustworthy enough to be ponied from, so he's got to learn to control the horse on his own.<<

    Once again..........if this was a response to one of my e-mails, this is completely off my subject and, has nothing to do with the point that I was trying to get across.