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    [RC] Coggins - Whose Responsibility? - Kari Hanes

    We have done this both ways. It is the law here in Michigan too, but I understand this may be changing slightly next year (please chime in on that if anyone has any details). The last horse we got was a "freebie" from an elderly lady who received the mare as a gift. Who in their right mind would give a 70 year old woman a 6 yr old mare with hardly any training is beyond me - but anyway ... due to the woman not being aware of the law, we agreed to pay for it. We had our vet go check the mare out, do all her vaccines, coggins, etc before we agreed to take her. It was a small investment but worth so much more. We ended up with a registered mare with exceptional bloodlines and she's going under saddle fairly well. The mare we purchased earlier this year was an investment and we insisted that the seller have everything in order before purchase. They use the same vet we do so we were comfortable with their evaluation of her. I would think that if you are targeting US buyers that you would have to have your horse prepared for international sale. You should have had that agreed upon before negotiating the sale. Why don't you ask them if they'll split it with you? Or maybe suggest that for international sale the price is one price, for domestic another? Just my two cents.
    Montalee Arabians
    Holton, Michigan

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