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    Re: [RC] Youth - EgyptianMirage

    In a message dated 10/30/02 2:22:54 PM Pacific Standard Time, reshan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

    What on earth is wrong with riding for its own sake?
    Do you believe that only people who compete work hard at perfecting their
    riding skills?
    Is *that* a good thing to teach a kid--that being good at something for the
    pure joy of it doesn't count, unless they can enter a competition?
    One does not have to be training for some specific end in order to
    thoroughly enjoy an activity and be devoted to it.
    Or for that matter, playing games of various sorts with one's friends
    *without* some damned organized league and point standings and all that rot?
    Whatever happened to just being a kid?

    I have just one thing to say to that.  I never said that children have to compete if they are interested in something.  I said that children should be able to compete if they choose when they are interested in something!