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    [RC] Western States Trail - Joan Dowis

    Charlie Gabri, the Western States Trail Foundation trails committee
    chairman, has requested I forward the following to Ridecamp.
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Charles and Nanci
    Subject: [wstfbog] Western States Trail
    Please bear with me.  I am in contact with the Wilson family.  They own
    private property that encircles part of the California Street trail on the
    Western States Trail.  They own the road that leads to Cal 1 (Dardanelle's)
    aid station.  Cal 1 exists just after the privately owned power plant.  Each
    year the power plant must be activated when the creek rises to produce
    power.  Access by these individuals is through private property.  This note
    concerns ANYONE who has frequented the California Street trail and observed
    contractor activity at the power plant area.  Noted is that in the past few
    years the trail has been destroyed and fortunately saved by immediate action
    by volunteer individuals.  Any  construction activity that effects the trail
    is in violation of the law.  The Wilson family, which can be reached at
    azulnubio@xxxxxxxxx is in need of information.  They have asked me to
    include the following note.
    "Hello Folks,
    "I hope I have this inquiry correct. Before the Endurance Run, extensive
    trail damage along the Foresthill portion was found that required
    last-minute repairs. The obvious questions are who could have done it, what
    was used to damage the trail, when did it happen, and did anyone see
    anything that could be of value to authorities or members in order to
    prevent future problems? The last question is the starting point. Since many
    persons either run or ride horses through the area at times other than the
    actual races, there may be a way to ask these persons to contribute
    information to this e-mail box with the understanding that they may remain
    anonymous if necessary.
    "Thoughts? azulnubio@xxxxxxxxx"
    If you have any information at all, please respond to the e-mail address
    Charlie Gabri
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