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    Re: [RC] sheath swelling/cleaning - Heidi Smith

    > I've read up a little on this and have found an interesting statement in
    > my vet handbook - white skinned horses (ie. pintos and appys) are
    > especially prone to smegma formation and have to be cleaned more often.
    > Do those of you who have to clean out beans more than every six months
    > have white skinned horses?
    Well, as a veterinarian, I've cleaned more really gross sheaths than I can
    count, and the vast majority of them were dark-skinned.
    To answer the original question (was it from you or from Ginger?), YES,
    there is a LOT of variation from horse to horse in how often sheaths need to
    be cleaned, and some are really super-sensitive and get skin infections from
    icky sheaths.
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    [RC] sheath swelling/cleaning, Kari Hanes