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    [RC] [Guest] Young Horses-do they "quit" when tired? Truman? - Ridecamp Moderator

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    Ray O'Donohue rno2m@xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Field Trialer here:Had occasion to watch a young pro on a nice going big 4 y.o.TWH Saturday,riding the dickens out of him off and on for a few hours handling dogs.He had put the horse up for the day when I asked him if the horse was for sale.(Every horse he owns is for sale,24/7/365).I rode the horse for an hour,and...I couldn't do much with him.Almost no "response".Nice canter,once you got him into it,huge stride at all gaits.Ears flopping much of the time.Huge feet.About 16.1 hands.Lean body.Couldn't get him into his good Running Walk gait,or even a good flat walk,without an amount of leg/spur that I cannot/will not stand for but a few seconds at a time.Extremely quiet horse,although he looks like a real fire breather when going by you at a big canter...Yes,I know a 4 y.o. is still a baby...Now you folks have to realize the young man that owns this horse can make a donkey look good;he rides for a living,and is a 3rd generation pro.But I thought I could ride at least a little bit!I wish i had paid more attention to how much Mike seemed to be cueing the horse earlier in the day,and I wish i had a video of me when I rode him.Maybe he would have LOOKED great then? Well,if so looks are deceiving,because unless he was "a tired young horse" who will do a lot better when rested,he ain't the horse for me.Hmmm.I'll keep watching this horse if Mike doesn't sell him,maybe ride him another time...beautiful animal...super quiet...

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