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    [RC] Sweat, Conditioning and -40 C Weather... - Tamara Taylor

    Hello RC,
    I own two geldings that have been on pasture 700 km away for the past 10 months 
    (because of health reasons, I couldn't ride and the board was free). They are 
    Arab crosses, one is 12 years old and a seasoned Eventer and one is five years 
    old and going well under saddle. They have not been worked much in the last 
    year except for pleasure trail riding in the summer. They are both very unfit 
    and fat right now.
    I am having them shipped to a stable near me this weekend. I am very excited to 
    start riding again and I am aiming to try my first LD next summer, possibly my 
    first 50 if all goes well.
    My question is...how do I get these boys in shape??? I understand the basics of 
    conditioning (I used to 3-Day Event) and I will take it very slow as we are all 
    out of shape (me included!). My main concern is that I am boarding them 
    outdoors where temperatures reach -40. I have access to an indoor riding arena 
    and horse blankets but I cannot afford indoor box stall boarding (plus I think 
    my boys would be miserable to be inside all the time). I don't want to run into 
    trouble with sticking a sweaty horse outside in the cold. Is it impossible to 
    condition a really out of shape horse (which would lead to sweating) and still 
    manage to keep them outside AND healthy? What precautions should I take? Is 
    clipping absolutely necessary??
    If conditioning (and sweating) is going to put these boys at risk should I wait 
    til spring to start serious training? Is shooting for next summer a little too 
    optimistic of a goal???
    Thanks in advance,
    P.S. I was married on Oct 12 and we asked for camping equipment for gifts. Both 
    hubby and I are excited to get involved with endurance and all that comes with 
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