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    Re: [RC] Unconditioned horse!! - Trailrite

           She is just really out of shape.  She also might be an inter nervous horse.  Meaning that when she does get out she is sweating because of nerves along with being out of shape.
           TR Charutu did this for about 3 months of very steady work.  With TR Charutu being a 6 year old stallion when we bought him, he wasn't out of his paddock very much for any sort of steady work outs.  TR Sharkee did this along with shitting every 10 minutes for about 6 months.  Of course the sweating with both are normal now, TR Sharkee still does the shitting every 10 minutes through the first 25 miles even though he has 1500 miles, including three 100 milers.  It's just his nerves and as you know TR Sharkee is very Electrolyte sensitive.  With him I have to make sure he is on a more even intake than most of our other horses.  I will give a more steady smaller dosage to him. 
           You will have to make sure during this time to electrolyte her for replacement of salts that are needed.  A salt block will not cover the intake that she will need at this time.  Still have one for her, but electrolyte her after she takes her big drink when working her out.  You'll know when she starts to get in better shape by the sweat being more clear.  This can take a while depending on her condition and her nerves (if that's the case).

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