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    Re: [RC] Pacing and being different at vet checks - Arco Farm

    "That was an A for him!"   Those words are music to my ears!!   I love
    Otis!!!  He is one of the best!
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    Subject: Pacing and being different at vet checks
    > > I can relate to that!  I have had my mule judged very low on
    > > impulsion by
    > > inexperienced ride vets.
    > I remember when Otis Schmitt gave Ruth Grover's stocky Appaloosa,
    > Beauford an "A" on impulsion. I thought Ruth would cry. She said, "You
    > gave him an A! Nobody ever gives him an A!" and Otis just said something
    > like, "He ain't no Arab that was an A for him" :-)
    > Angie & Kaboot (who wrote the book on impulsion at trot outs)
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    [RC] Pacing and being different at vet checks, Rides 2 Far