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    [RC] foals at rides - Brenda L. Kossowan

    I can't speak for all groups, especially AERC, but many endurance and
    competitive trail sanctioning organizations do not allow mares to
    compete in endurance during their year of foaling, so managing babies at
    the ride is moot. At the same time, I have seen foals bouncing along
    beside their moms at novice distances (10-14 miles) with no ill effects,
    so that may be the place to go until the next year. I would feel safer
    taking the baby along rather than putting him under the stress of
    "abandoning" him in the trailer. I may be out in left field, but I don't
    like to separate them from their moms until they're ready to be weaned,
    then it's a clean break. BTW, I see no problem endurancing a pregnant
    mare, within reason. Some race trainers actually believe it helps keep
    their minds on their work. ;)
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