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    [RC] Young riders STILL? - oddfarm

    I click on RC today and this thread is just like the animals here at the Odd fArm. It is too damn old and IT WON'T DIE!
    Glimpsing through, (more like trudging through) I see that no one yet, has come forward with a committee or any kind of offer for some kind of research. And don't just post it to RC. Send it in to the Board to either validate Joe's concerns and those who agree with him or dismiss them.
    Granted, there won't be much in the way of problems in endurance but surely the Pony Club, 4-H and other individual clubs have some information. I'll bet the AQHA has some stuff on safety issues and young riders. And the Pediatric Association or whatever it would be called could certainly shed some light on this dismal thread.
    I couldn't care less one way or another. I have no problem telling my kids no, and no problem telling them they have to follow the rules whether they like it or not. If they don't, when they GET OLD ENOUGH to vote, they can change them. Or they can move out! Which ever comes first. :-o (oh did I say that?) I have no problem doing my job as a parent.
    I took a youngster, (my own) won't ever do it again. I will send them Merryben's way next time! I'm not even sure pre-puberty and teens are safe on a long ride because I almost killed mine! Hell, I couldn't even keep trainer Wendy safe and she was way, way past puberty! Way past!! Soooo far past!!!
    So I beg and implore all of RC. KNOCK IT OFF!
    Lisa Salas, The Odd fARm