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    [RC] FW: Ride News? From Egypt - Maryanne Stroud Gabbani

    Here's the latest so far (and I take no claims for accuracy because
    there is nothing written in stone).
    No one told any of the "Sakkara Group" about the race ahead of time
    because it was decided by someone (not sure who) that we felt ourselves
    to be to good to ride with the other riders, who are mainly grooms from
    the pyramids stables. In truth, for the last few races, no one from the
    area near Sakkara has had a horse that was even remotely fit to race,
    and most of us only own a few horses so that we are not willing to risk
    losing them in an act of idiocy. If riders have an endless supply of
    basically disposable horses....well....
    Apparently the race will be in Giza on a course that is mostly
    hard-packed sand and gravel. Word is (and word may be wrong, of course)
    that HE said he didn't want to have it in the usual area because the
    course there was one of the hardest he had to ride anywhere (deep sand
    and all). Gee, we ride it all the time, but not at 22 km per hour.
    Likewise, our friend Word says that the horses that had been used for
    the rides in Egypt were the very fit, experienced horses...In my
    experience, the kind that have been progressively wiped out here among
    riders who won't wait to develop a horse.  To make sure that there would
    be enough riders to make this newsworthy, our friend Word is telling the
    local riders that anyone who shows up to participate will receive LE
    1000 (roughly $200)....but, I wouldn't hold my breath actually, because
    I remember a similar rumour that went around just before our first 100
    km fiasco. We ended up with a lot more riders, but did they get their
    money? No one would even acknowledge spreading the rumour. But it might
    be fun to show up on a donkey or something and try to claim my money...
    Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
    Cairo, Egypt
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