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    Re: [RC] Round Bales + Deaths(?) - sharp penny

    --- Val Nicoson <sweetmare55@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    > How much then is the risk of feeding round bales to
    > horses?  Is this high risk, moderate or low risk?
    > TIA,
      Where I live everyone feeds round bales. It's less
    expensive ( I have yet to find this to be the case will all
    the waste), it's easy and it gives the horses something to
    munch on 24/7 are some of their reasons. I know of people
    that have fed round bales for years without any problems. I
    have also had a friend whose horses got very sick with two
    in the heard dying from getting a "bad" bale. My problem is
    that you don't know you have a "lethal" bale until its too
    late. With square bales if you have a dead critter you know
    it the minute you open the bale and can easily dispose of
    the bale. This year I have had a piece of a dead snake in a
    bale and a dead bird in another. Let me tell you, even if
    you don't see the carcass the stench will alert you! Had
    this been a round bale I would have not known it was there
    until it was too late. Problems can also occur when the
    bale isn't properly stored and the center of the bale
    becomes a mecca for mold. Around here the round bales are
    not put up in a barn but left sitting outside until they
    are used. To me it's like playing Russian roulette with
    your horses...do you feel lucky today?
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