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    Re: [RC] Very young riders in AERC rides - Truman Prevatt

    Yes and any one of these jurisdictions could potentially make trouble for the AERC much in the same way the state of FL has made trouble for the amusement parks in FL. This issue is a complex multifaceted issue that should be examined using logic rather than emotion. I sure would rather see policy decisions made based on as many factual inputs as possible. I would rather see policy decisions made using a realistic assessment of the risk and consequences of a particular action rather than based on emotion.

    It's just too bad that just about every issue on this forum deteriorates into an emotional debate.


    Bob Morris wrote:


    You state; <<<I would prefer the AERC know up front what the
    legal risk are and make a
    consistence decision based on knowledge of these risk.>>>

    And whom would you presume to make that determination. We
    have 50 states (I am not considering Canada in this, they
    are way smarter) and I am sure you will get 50 opinions.
    Then you can just change jurisdictions within a state if you
    do not like the determination you get. And, I am sure that
    some jurisdictions will state "It all depends".

    I am sorry Truman, but you and Joe have trampled on parental
    jurisdiction, a fact of high emotional status that only the
    parents of each individual child can interpret. For a person
    like you or Joe to attempt to infiltrate the sacrosanct
    parent/child relationship is false and shows only concern
    for your particular concept of what is correct.


    Bob Morris
    Morris Endurance Enterprises
    Boise, ID

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    RE: [RC] Very young riders in AERC rides, Bob Morris