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    [RC] Flames, logic and motivation! - EgyptianMirage

    >Not all parents are caring or knowledgable.

    And, let me guess, it's your job to rid the endurance world of uncaring and unknowledgable parents?  What about the kids that have caring and knowledgable parents?  You want to punish those parents who have put in their well spent time teaching, caring and loving their children while you, so called, try to protect the others?  That's just not right!

    > But some people, who cannot refute the reasons put forward in a
    discussion, resort to name-calling, sarcasm and slandering the motives
    of those whose opinions differ from their own.

    Just speaking my mind.  Last time I checked this was a free country no matter how hard you try to make your conditions stick in the minds of others.

    >  If the Board fails to act on this matter, we can circulate a petition to amend the
    Bylaws to include a minimum age for riders.

    I would not call not addressing this matter "failing" to act.  How egotistical.  Just because you think this is a major problem, as you so put it, the board may not and that is certainly their perogative.

    Now, is this your final response to this issue or should I look forward to more?  LOL

    I have just realized how obnoxious I have become with issue but it sure is fun!!!