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    [RC] Flames and motifvation - Joe Long

    Yes, I said I wasn't going to post any more on the minimum age
    question, but this isn't another pro-or-con argument but some
    observations about civility in discussions, and a possible alternate
    route to take.
    It's strange how a concern for children's welfare is attacked as being
    against children.  I'm talking about the charges that I'm trying to
    spoil it for the kids.  As I see it, a mimimum age requirement is FOR
    the children.  It says that letting them grow enough to do the rides
    safely is more important than instant gratification.  It's like those
    signs in the amusement parks that say "You must be at least this tall
    to ride this ride."  Are they there to spoil the kids fun?  No, they
    are there to keep the kids from getting hurt.   Not all parents are
    caring or knowledgable.  The purpose of a minimum age is protect the
    very young children of parents who may not understand the dangers, or
    who care more for their own egos than the best interests of the child.
    In  nutshell, if I didn't care for the kids, if I didn't want the best
    for them, I wouldn't give a damn if there was a minimum age or not.
    But some people, who cannot refute the reasons put forward in a
    discussion, resort to name-calling, sarcasm and slandering the motives
    of those whose opinions differ from their own.
    On another note, Truman had an excellent suggestion.  If the Board
    fails to act on this matter, we can circulate a petition to amend the
    Bylaws to include a minimum age for riders.  After all, the age
    requirements for horses is in the Bylaws, why not the age requirement
    for riders?  I think we can easily get the necessary 300 signatures by
    circulating a petition at rides.  Then the Bylaws revision will go
    directly to the members for a vote, not through the Board of
    Directors.  It requires a two-thirds approval, of course, but I think
    there is a good chance of getting that as well.  Despite a few vocal
    opponents, I believe most AERC members will vote "Yes."
    Joe Long
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