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    [RC] beet pulp++ - Lytha

    ok, i'm the one guilty of feeding beet pulp to my lease horse, princess
    buttercup: ) i do throw molasses on it, but enough to cause
    laminitis? agh!
    could the problem be caffeine? the mare loves her coffee buzz. if there
    no coffee to be found, she'll take mountain dew. if there is no mountain
    dew to be found, she'll eat sand. "eat WHAT?" "sand." JK. sorry.: )
    there's this espresso drive thru in fall city, WA, and if you take a horse
    thru it, they give out horse treats. she'll take those, but what she
    really wants is the java. then i have to feel guilty cuz she can't drink
    thru a straw. (yet.)
    ah, my poor poor mare whom i love sharing my coffee vice with! i feel so
    guilty! she gives me this "look" when i have a drink in my hand. it's
    irresistable! "no, nothing for you! just beet pulp and water!" 
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