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    Yes, I promised I would shut up too, and still blathered on.  But one more point-I will back Joe in any efforts to push an age rule through.  Joe has as much experience and success in the sport as anyone.  To think he is  pushing his opinon of 5,999 members is ludicrous...we have absolutely no idea how many AERC members would support this, as compared to those who would oppose it.  I have received, over the past day, many emails from folks supporting my statements, that are unwilling to enter into this discussion, but totally back the idea of a minimum age. The feeling I am getting from some of the BOD members, is that they are so set in their own personal opinions, that perhaps they are unwilling to really look at what is best for the sport. 
    I have to say that I am not this year an AERC member.. I have been a member on and off over the past 10 years.  However, when the organization and ride manager of a sanctioned ride allowed a 3 year old child to be ponied on a sanctioned LD ride; I decided I did not want to be a member any longer. AERC has so much encouraged and aided in the development of research to benefit horses, you would think they could at least consider the junior rider issue from a medical standpoint. 
    Joe Long has provided links to FACTUAL evidence of developmental problems and issues in very small children that are pushed physically.  This against any sort of mimimun age requirement have offered no facts, only feelings. To equate a preshool kid being denied COMPETING in endurace, to sitting in front of a TV or nintendo, is ridiculous.  There are many, many physical activities appropriate for the physical development of that age group, including short-duration equestrian activities.
    Karen Sullivan
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    I've been following this thread all though its entirety.  I've offered my opinions and experiences.  I've argued with Joe because I don't agree with him.  I think he's being overly concerned about an issue that is not widespread enough to warrant the concern.  Out of 6,000 members in AERC, if there are only a few 5 year olds riding long distances, I hardly think this constitutes an epidemic and cause for concern.  Joe is entitled to his opinion, but I object to his determination to force his opinion on the rest of the 5,999 members in AERC. 

    [RC] Children riding endurance, Barbara McCrary