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    [RC] beet pulp - Barb Reid

    I have a question for Susan G and the rest of my experts
    here on ridecamp.  I have a mare leased out to another
    endurance rider and she's been having intermittent lameness
    problems, very minor and very elusive.  We put pads on her
    last shoeing hoping that would help but no difference.  My
    farrier was here this morning working on her and found
    traces of laminitis in both front feet.  He was asking
    aobut her feed and all she gets at the farm is grass hay. 
    But at competitions and on training rides, the leasee gives
    her beet pulp.  I've heard nothing but good things about
    beet pulp from ridecamp but the farrier said it has way too
    much sugar and could be the cause of this problem.
    What do you think?
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