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  • - Merryben

    [RC] Armadillo 100 international! - firedancefarms

    What an interesting ride this was last weekend!  We had quite an
    international group!  Amber did a 100 and was crewed by our guests, Abdulla
    Fatise from Quatar and Marawan from "New York and Jordan" and also Diego
    from Brazil.  She rode with Kanako Hayashi from Japan and Laura "S", a
    native of Romania.  Laura's dad, also from Romania, was crewing for them as
    Needless to say, we had a lot of fun, even though it POURED the entire day.
    Abdulla and Marawan got to see what a "real American endurance ride" was
    like, and I learned what it was like to ride overseas.  We came to the
    conclusion that the major difference in our rides is only one thing: MONEY.
    I came away from the ride this weekend even more glad we do not ride for
    money here and yes, Stormy (Ffire Storm+) is staying here in the US.  We
    just can't give up this FUN!  Now tell me...I know...I AM CRAZY!!
    Louise Burton
    Firedance Farms Endurance Arabians
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