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    Re: [RC] drugs and sewing sheaths - Heidi Smith

    >This is a bit hard for me to believe. Maybe I am naive but why on earth would someone risk carrying around cocaine, liquid or powder? And what vets are performing this suturing of the sheaths? Are they doing it without drugs? That in itself is a big risk. And how come the judges can't see this?In all the halter classes I have ever watched, the judge looks at everything, especially the breeding parts.
    Why, indeed, do they carry their own cocaine around for their own personal use?  In the case of "doctoring up" show horses, they do it for money--there is a big incentive to win, so that more starry-eyed people will place horses with them, so that they get bonuses, etc.  I've not heard of the suturing of sheaths, but it need not be vets that are doing it--many owners do "minor" surgeries, and it is not difficult to get hold of short-acting tranquilizers and local anesthetics.  I'd suspect that they are more apt to be using stallion rings, though, which prevent erection and "dropping"--a rather cruel procedure, but one that was popular on the race tracks for years.  As to the judge looking at the breeding parts--yes, judges make sure stallions have both testicles, but no, they do NOT peer up inside of sheaths.

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