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    Re: [RC] Heart rate at CTR - Laurie Durgin

    That would be interesting since resting pulses for a lot of horses isn't below 40. As  a side note while scribing for the vet check at Liberty Run I asked alot of riders what their horses resting pulse was. 36-52 was the range.
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    I have been trying to figure something out from my score card from the 25 mile CTR I went to a couple of weeks ago. I am in Canada so maybe the rules are not exactly the same in the U.S., but maybe you can still help me figure this out:  The criteria for heart rate was 60 and at each vet check my horse`s heart rate dropped below 60 within the 4 minutes. But I got points deducted just the same...something about losing points for numbers that are above 40.    So is the criteria really 60 or 40 - I am not sure I understand the reasoning....  It was my horse`s first ride so she was all excited about the new place, new horses, etc. so her heart rate came down into the 50s at the vet checks. It is higher than what I have checked her at home, but she did get pretty anxious when my friend left the pulse check before I was done and then my friend was late in getting to the last pulse check (so my horse was calling and calling for her buddy who she knew was back at the trailer) and so my horse`s hea rt rate went up and then hovered in the 50s. But regardless, I thought that if she pulsed down below 60 that she was o.k. 


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