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    [RC] Hackney crosses - LOUISE BURTON

    I don't know about NHS accepting hackney crosses.  They are VERY different.  But I do know this cross is one of the most awesome horses I have ever seen!  I had the pleasure of owning one and she was the prettiest horse I have ever ridden under saddle!  (I've trained over 50 horses to date) I did not have her long, as she was snatched up by Tracey Brayton in Maine. 

    I would not hesitate in the least to buy one again.  She was a kind mare, very smooth, and could she ever trot!  Check out our webpage for photos of her and you will see what I mean.

    Louise Burton

    Firedance Farms Endurance Arabians




     Jon.Linderman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

    Arab/Hackney crosses have been bred of late in hopes that the National Show
    Horse Registry could be convinced to open their stud books to blood stock
    other than arab and saddle bred. To date, and God willing, it won't
    happen, nor will the Dutch Harness horse be added as well. As a NSH owner
    I have argued that the founding fathers of the NSHR decreed specifcially
    that a NSH be 25-99% arabian with the remainder saddle bred, and no other
    breed. There are hackney/arabs and DHH/arab crosses on the ground waiting
    for a day I hope wil never come...........

    "Linda B. Merims"
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    ridecamp-owner@xxxxxx Subject: Re: [RC] Tattersalls Auction

    10/22/2002 12:57 PM

    Huh. I see somebody is selling an Arabian/Hackney
    cross. Interesting idea. Sorry...my old saddleseat
    tendancies talking...
    < BR>Linda B. Merims
    Massaachusetts, USA

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