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    Re: [RC] Newbie's first pull......... - EgyptianMirage

    I was there!  First time I had crewed instead of ridden in a long time.  

    As a matter of fact, at the time of her pulling, she received straight A's on her vet check despite her heart rate.  Just goes to show you that the smallest of mistakes can keep you from completing!  As far as his "feeling like Sh***t" comment, I think he's taking too much blame for something that can only be learned by experience!

    I did exactly the same thing at the Malibu, California ride awhile ago.  The only difference was that I did it out on trail and had time on my side to get off and walk him all the way back to completion.  The feeling is still the same however and, no matter what, we both learned the utmost of important things while riding!  That is, listen to your horse!  When they give you a bit of resistance out there when urging them to trot out, let them walk.  They are telling you something, no matter how easy you think the terrain is.  They obviously don't!  And, trust us, it's not going to get you anywhere but a tired horse and a non-completion at the end of the day!  So what if you come in late!  So what if you don't place where you wanted to!  Atleast you have a happy horse that is more than willing to go it a second time around!  Or third........or fourth..........or, well, you know what I mean!

    Last but not least, as far as the "brains of our team" comment, well, it would be best if I don't comment here but you know what's coming!  He is, after all, my husband.  Wouldn't want to hurt his feelings!