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    [RC] Sore Back - Rebecca Supinger

    Last year my horse stepped in a sink-hole in the sand
    while going at a very fast trot on a ride.  Just
    before he would have hit his nose on the ground and
    somersaulted, he threw his head violently up and back,
    pulling his front leg out of the hole and saving us
    both a potentially catastrophic fall.  He continued on
    for another 20 miles but was "not right".  Other
    riders couldn't figure out what he was doing either
    but there was definatly some problem.  At the vet
    check, I RO pulled even though the vets passed him to
    go on.  It turns out that he had severly pulled the
    muscles in his back from the mid-back area all the way
    through his loin area.  
    I tried everything to get him back on the trail.  He
    received rest (5 weeks off), got a strong muscle
    relaxer injection from the vet, had 5 days of hot
    packs (20 minutes twice daily), then went to see the
    chiropractor for some manipulation and accupuncture
    help.  This horse was then able to be ridden and rode
    a fast 50 4 weeks later.  My problem is I don't know
    what might have done him the most good or if it was
    some combination of treatments.  
    Now to last weekend 10/12.  Horse tripped going down
    the mountain after going over a downed tree and once
    again saved the day by throwing his head up and back
    to get his front feet back under him.  Once again the
    horse has severly injured his back and is back to
    where he was last year.  Had to pull him from the ride
    this past weekend 10/19, but wondering if there is any
    chance of making it to the next ride 11/30?  Got
    several suggestions from vets at the ride but without
    them seeing the horse they could only guess.  They
    suggested everything I did last time, in addition one
    suggested some steriod injections directly into the
    muscles of the back?  
    At this time horse has had 10 days rest but when
    touched anywhere on the mid-back to loin area he caves
    in his back and turns around and gives me a dirty
    look.  HELP!!!
    Rebecca Supinger
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