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    RE: [RC] Trailer batteries - Roy Drinnan

    How long the power will last is function of battery capacity vs draw.
    An electric blanket is probably a large draw.  I would not recommend any type of battery powerd heat that ran off a battery source.
    Batteries are rated in amp/hours.  that is the number of amps that can be drawn for an hour.
    Ie an 800 amp battery will give 800 amps for one hour, 1600 amp for thirty minutes or 2 amp for 400 hours.   Now you need to balance that against the draw on the battery.  A singe light bulb like the dome light in your car will probable take on average about 30 or 40 hours to kill a healthy battey, but the headlights will kill it in less that an hour.
    I would recommend deep cycle batteries, they are designed to be charged and run down repeatedly, normal car batteries are not designed to be continuously run down.  I have two batteries on my trailer and a small solar panel on the roof which provides about 1/2 amp of charging under sunny conditions.  The idea is that my truck fully charges the batteries to and from rides, and the solar panel just keeps the topped up most of the time.  I can run my lights, water pump etc for a couple of days at a ride without recharge, if need be, I plug into the truck for a half hour or hook up a small generator I have for an hour or so to charge the system up if I am at a ride for an extended stay.
    Good luck with your power option.
    Also keep in mind that Chev/GMC have second truck battery option on many of thier trucks.  The second battery is for camper/trailer use and is disconnected from the main battery when you turn the key off.  This is great option for any trailer people looking at a new truck.
    Roy Drinnan
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    Question:  What is the best way to wire a trailer to run on batteries?  Best kind of batteries?  How long should power last?  Are solar batteries any good?  I'm not wanting to power a whole lot - just the trailer lights and fans in the summer and an electric blanket in the winter.  The one trailer place we went to told us that he could wire the trailer to run on batteries, but they would only last for 4 hours (which is kinda useless)
    --- Rae
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    [RC] Trailer batteries, Rae Callaway