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    Re: [RC] beet pulp - Pam Johnson

    My horse, by mistake, must have bitten on a stone while eating hay off the ground and cracked a tooth which was discovered by our equine dentist. I worried constantly for two years that the tooth would become infected. If it had, it would have been a serious surgery since it was an upper tooth and involved the sinus. As the cracked tooth grew out, the cracked half was able be simply extracted. I would never put stones in my horses' feed for any reason.
    Just my opinion.

    Pam in MA

    Just as a side note....I know of a knowledgeable horse person who puts a
    handful of small stones into her horse's feed dish to disncourage them from
    wolfing down their feed. The horses take a little more time to eat around
    them. I wonder if this would be as safe with a wet feed and if the horse
    would also work it's way around the stones?

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