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    Rebecca Supinger spiritwood@xxxxxxxxx
    Last year my horse stepped in a sink hole on a ride while going at a very fast trot. Just before his nose hit the ground he threw his head up and pulled his front end up out of the hole. Thankfully his leg was fine but he pulled the muscles in his back from his mid-back back through his loin area. I was so desperate to give him relief/get him back on trail that I tried about everything. Rest (4 weeks) while I took him to the vet who gave him some kind of strong muscle relaxing injection, recommended 5 days of heat packs for 20 minutes twice daily, to be followed by a visit to the chiropracter. All these were done and the horse came back into training wonderfully, running his next 50 just 5 weeks later.
    Fast forward to last weekend 10/12. He tripped going down the mountain on a training ride, and just before we both hit the rocks face first he once again saved the day by throwing his head up and getting his feet back under him. As before he has once again injured his back. He had to miss one of his favorite rides this past weekend (Hallelujah) , and is still so sore I can not even set a saddle on him. I can lightly touch him anywhere from mid-back to loin and he caves his back and gives me a dirty look. HELP!
    As I did everything last time I'm not sure what had the most beneficial effect for him, or if it was some combination. A vet at the ride I was just at suggested some strong steroid injections directly into the muscle, but without seeing the horse he could only suggest. Another vet thought acupuncture/chiropracter was the way to go. I'm open to any suggestions as this horse hoping to go to his next race in 6 weeks. Do we have any chance or should I just forget the rest of this season and concentrate on next season?

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